Fear Of Heights by Mara White


Fear Of Heights

By Author Mara White


5 Stars!

Fear of Heights is book 2 in the Heights Bound Series book one was Heights Desire. These are to be read in order not as standalones. I promise you will not be disappointed with either book! Mara White is an amazing author she knows how to write a story that will keep you turning pages.
The story is told for the most part in Kate’s POV and Mara did an awesome job with it. While reading I felt like I was watching every scene un-fold before my eyes like I was an invisible bystander. I felt every emotion of the characters and even a few of my own lol!
This is one of those books that I can only say so much without spoiling it for other readers. But what I can say is if you love a good romance with plenty of twists and turns, surprising revelations, raw and intense emotional situations then this is the perfect series for you to read!