Shattered by TP Hogan



By TP Hogan

5 out of 5 Stars!


My Review

This book was unique unlike any I have read and I really enjoyed the storyline. The characters where very well written with great personalities. I love how TP brought the past into the future. Her descriptions of both time periods where intriguing.

The story is about Sabastian Ashcombe that was struck by the family curse 150 years ago and put into the mirrors of the manor. The current owner of the manor is Alex Ashcombe he his wife Christina and his son Jonathan along with servants are the occupants of the manor. Christina’s daughter Mattie comes to visit while they are on their honeymoon. Soon after arriving she starts seeing what she thinks is a reflection of a man in the mirrors but when she turns around no one is there. Then she realizes that it is not a reflection but actually a man behind the mirrors. This peaks her curiosity and she researches the history of the manor and discovers that there was a curse placed on the men in the Ahscombe family. She learns how to communicate with Bastian the man in the mirror and with the help of her Mom she works on trying to break the curse to free Bastian before time runs out.

Over all this was a great story with a mix of paranormal and history. I highly recommend reading this book even if these are not your genre of choice. Thank you TP Hogan for a on the edge of your seat read!


Live For Today by Sandra Steiner

Live for today Ebook

Live For Today

By Sandra Steiner

Lily looked over her shoulder and, seeing no one, began to relax. It was just her imagination. It had to be, didn’t it? She could not remember a time when she did not feel as though someone was watching her. Sitting on the beach watching the calm water always seemed to help to ease the panic. The waves were gently lapping against the driftwood on the beach. The sound of the seagulls was soothing. The smell of the salty ocean air was comforting. So why couldn’t she just relax? Today, it did not seem to be working. Last night the dreams had kept her awake through most of the night. If only she knew what they meant. She was so tired of them. They had plagued her for her entire life, as long as she could remember anyhow. Today was a day filled with questions, and she just wanted answers. All her life she had worked at blocking memories. Maybe it was time for her to lay her past to rest. The idea of it terrified her, and she really wasn’t sure why. She wanted to move forward in her life; it was time.

LFT Teaser 1


My Review

4.5 Stars

This is about a woman named Lilly that was adopted as a child she has nightmares all the time and has memory gaps of her life. She is always looking over her should thinking someone is watching her but no one is ever there. She can’t remember a time when she did not feel this way. She decides to leave the beautiful seaside town that she has been living in and go back to where she grew up with her adoptive parents. She finds a job taking care of a lady that has been ill she soon becomes great friends with the woman and her daughter. In her off time from work she seeks out to find out as much as she can about who she is and where she came from. There are some shocking revelations and tense moments that had me sitting on the edge of my seat talking back to the book!

I loved how the story was written in the third person, it was like a story was being told to me and I was the recipient of all the news. There was life and feeling within all the words and the characters where loveable, ones I would like to have as my own friends.

Over all this was a heartwarming story that I recommend reading. Thank you Sandra for writing such a wonderful story.

Blood Curse by Kat Flannery

Blood Curse Front Cover

Blood Curse By Kat Flannery


My Review

4 Stars!

This was my first book to read about gypsies and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it. I like how Ms Flannery explained the folklore of the gypsies and I really liked her characters.

The main character Pril had a sister that was very powerful with gypsy magic and before she was killed she cursed the Monroe family. All of their newborn baby girls would die soon after taking their fist breath. Now the Monroe’s are out for revenge and are killing all the female children of the Peddlers. Pril is raising her sister’s daughter who is braded and know one knows but Pril and she hides her by dressing her like a boy. One of Pril’s brothers despises Pril because he and his wife have had their baby girls killed by the Monroe’s.

The Monroe’s have hired a man by the name of Kade to find the gypsy child and kill her, but the Peddler’s catch him and hold him hostage. But something kindles between Pril and Kade a slow growing love. You will have surprising revelations and betrayal.

Over all I highly recommend this book it is a good read that keeps you guessing and wondering from beginning to end!