Twice The Growl by Milly Taiden

Sexy love couple

Twice The Growl

By Milly Taiden


My Review

3 Stars

This is a very short book that I felt lacked background into the characters. I liked the story, but would have liked to have known more about everyone.

The story is about Tally a woman that has one hell of an ex husband that her family seems to like more than they like her, all except for her grandmother and her cousin/BFF Nita. One of Tall’s relatives is getting married and it is a big thing. She needs a date to attend with her since her ex and his girlfriend will also be attending.

Nita talks Tally into talking to her elderly neighbor Gerri that runs a Paranormal dating service to try and help her to get a date but what she gets is two! And Alpha and an Omega werewolf that are looking for their mate to make them a triad.
The three together at time is comical! I was laughing at them when they were out in public together and the things that they did. I could just imagine how it would look to someone that did not understand the dynamics of the three. And the ex, man did he have some things to say about them, but good ole grandma stood up for Tally and so did the girlfriend.

Over all this was a good book with plenty of laughs I would recommend reading it and other books in this series.


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