Survival by Rebecca Sherwin

Survival Front Cover


By Rebecca Sherwin


My Review

4 Stars!

Rebecca Sherwin is a talented writer, she captured my attention right from the beginning.. This story had me on one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride! Rebecca made me feel like I was reading someone’s life story it all felt so real.

The story is about fraternal twins Oliver and Skye that only have each other. Their family has fallen apart and their Mother is a drunk. They both work two jobs to save money to get away. One of Oliver’s jobs is being a fighter which Skye does not know about. After an unfortunate accident Skye is now alone to survive. Curtis one of her brothers friends reveals to her that Oliver had saved up enough money for them to get away from their mother and start a new life. Skye bonds with Curtis but Curtis is hiding something and Skye is left alone again till she meets Thomas. Tall dark and handsome can Thomas save her and make her feel whole again?


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