The Shadows Of Stormclyffe Hall By Lauren Smith

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The Shadows Of Stormclyffe Hall

By Lauren Smith




My Review

5 Stars!

This is my first time reading anything written by Ms Smith and I have to say I loved her writing style. She kept me interested from the beginning to the end. I love the paranormal genre and it has been a long time since I read one about a ghost and I was not disappointed in any way.
The characters where are well written and believable. I love how it took place in a historical castle in England, someplace you would expect to find a ghost or two lol! The main character are the current Earl of Weymouth the owner of Stormclyffe Hall and an American history major that want to do her dissertation on the castle. Bastian Carlisle is in the process of restoring the castle when American Jayne Seyton contacts him asking to see the castle and look thorough the books on the history of the castle. She is very persistent and he finally gives in but tells her she will have no access to the personal papers of his ancestors. There is a diary that was from his great-great grandfather Richard Carlisle that falls from a shelf right in front of Jayne and she reads a little bit of it and then sticks it in her bag to read later. Well this book seems to have a mind of its own it will disappear and reappear on its own going between Bastian and Jayne. This diary ends up brining Bastian and Jayne closer together and helps to unravel the mystery behind the curse of the Carlisle men.
If you love a good ghost story mixed with some romance and history. This is the perfect book and I highly recommend reading it.


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