Exposed By Samantha Jacobey

Exposed Cover


Samantha Jacobey

5 Big Shinny Stars!

I am so attached to this series and it is making me sad to think that there is only 3 more books left. But if I know Samantha she has another awesome series just waiting to be put onto paper. Reading this series is like watching your favorite TV series and waiting for it to come back after the season finally! Thankfully Samantha gives a recap at the beginning so that you start off fresh.

This story just keeps getting better, not fizzling off like some series can. There is so much more that can be told with this story. Samantha is doing an amazing job with keeping her readers hooked waiting for more. I have grown to feel like the characters have become my friends. I do want to see Tori have her happy ending and a new life free from murder and corruption.But at the same time I do not want the story to end.

Review 5

In this book Tori is called back by Eli and the FBI to try and help to get to the Scorpions MC, one that rode with the Dragons for a while and also works for the Organization. When she is brought to the house of Brian whom we met in book 3, a famous singer from a band where a couple of murders had been committed she sees things that are familiar to her from her past that leave her wondering. And the Scorpions have left her a secret message to come find them. So Tori sets out alone leaving Michael her husband to take the survivors of the band he once guarded back to their home in Texas and wait for her. Now alone she will be going back into a past she wanted to forget by seeking out the Scorpions and find her way into the group as a trusted ally.

How will it affect Tori going back into the life she hated and ran from? Will she go back into her old self and shut out all emotions… if so will she be able to come back to reality and claim her life back with Michael.

Are ready for the ride of your life into Tori’s world? You will not want to miss this book in the series, and if you have not read the series you are missing out on a great storyline!

Looking forward to book 5 releasing next month! Again Awesome job Samantha!


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