The Empress Chronicles by Suzy Vitello


The Empress Chronicles

by Suzy Vitello

synopsis purple fairy

When city girl Liz is banished to a rural goat farm on the outskirts of Portland, the 15-year-old feels her life spiraling out of control. She can’t connect to her father or his young girlfriend, and past trauma adds to her sense of upheaval. The only person who seems to keep her sane is a troubled boy who is fighting his own demons. But all of this changes in one historical instant.
One-hundred fifty years earlier, Elisabeth of Bavaria has troubles of her own. Her childhood is coming to a crashing end, and her destiny is written in the form of a soothsaying locket that has the ability to predict true love. But evil is afoot in the form of a wicked enchantress who connives to wield the power of the locket for her own destructive ends.
When Liz finds a timeworn diary, and within it a locket, she discovers the secrets and desires of the young Bavarian princess who will one day grow up to be the legendary Empress of Austria. It is in the pages of the diary that these two heroines will meet, and it is through their interwoven story that Liz will discover she has the power to rewrite history—including her own…
Readers of books like Rachel Harris’s MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY will love THE EMPRESS CHRONICLES

Review 4

This is a YA/Fantasy and I can clearly see that a young girl would love this story. I even as an adult loved the storyline, maybe I am still a young girl at heart. My genre of preference is anything paranormal and mystery suspense but this book captured my attention right from the beginning all the way through to the end. I love how the author wrote about the past and the present with the POV of two teenage girls and their lives. Suzy Viltello captured the place in time perfectly describing the two characters personality’s heartaches and joys.

We have Liz a present day teenager that is struggling with OCD and an eating disorder due to her OCD of germs. She lives with her Mother in the city and when her Mother has to go out of town for a job she is sent to live with her Father and stepmother on a goat farm in the country. Doesn’t sound like the right place for a girl with a germ phobia does it?
And then we have Sisi/Elisabeth a young girl struggling with being a teenager during times of arranged marriages in the 1800’s in Bavaria. Sisi is a tomboy/daddy’s girl who’s Mother and Aunt are trying to force her to grow up, become a lady and accept her fate to one day become the Empress of Bavaria.
The author went back and forth with the chapters between the two girls showing the parallels of their lives. Liz finds the diary and locket of Sisi in her psychiatrists office and becomes obsessed with her story.

Over all I would recommend this book for young adults and lovers of fantasy fiction books. It was a very enjoyable read with my opinion the ability to become a series to continue the story.


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