Pieces Of Autumn by Mara Black

autumnfinal-400 copy

4 Stars!


Title: Pieces Of Autumn
Author: Mara Black
Publish Date: July 30,2014

I am not usually a reader of “Dark” stories, but this one had me captivated! And was not as dark as what I was expecting. The story takes place in the future where money is useless, (something I would have never imagined).

The main character is a teenaged orphan named Autumn . Her parents were murdered and she is now living on the streets trying to survive, starving and running away from her parent’s killer, refusing to be found. In desperation she sold herself of her own free will to an organization called “Stocker”. She knew going with them meant selling herself, but hey she is not starving and can’t be found by the person that wants her dead. This organization educates and prepares hopeless young girls to be sold to the highest bidders as sex slaves. But Autumn is not sold, she is sent to Tate also known as “The Viper”, a man feared by those know in this organization.

At one time he was a trainer of the girls. His job was to torture and break them in order for them to learn how to be submissive to their prospective masters. But this is not who he is any longer, he has changed, now fighting his split personality one the real him Tate and the other “The Viper” his dark half the one that wants to own Autumn. When he receives Autumn as a gift he does not know how to act around her so he tries to keep his distance in hopes of scaring her away. This is not going to work with her… she is stubborn and does not back down. His treatment of her is drawing her closer to him. She is starting to have feelings for him and she knows she should not be feeling this way but Tate too is starting to show that he has feeling for her also.

I can’t say too much more without giving away the story and spoiling it for you. All I can say is this is a great book if you are OK with dark situations. The storyline is very well written the author did an awesome job for her first book! Kudos to you Mara! Looking forward to reading more of your books.


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