Nightlord Lover By Kthy Kulig

Nightlord Lover_HiRes

My Review:
I was given this book to read as part of a book tour. This is my first time reading anything written by Kathy Kulig.

I liked the book but I felt it needed more storyline and plot. It was a good book do not get me wrong, I would just have liked to have know more about this town, the guild and the characters. Nightlord Lover is more of an erotic paranormal story that involves a very steamy ménage between Larissa, Garrick, and Ramon. While it is apparent both men are in love with Larissa, she seems to be only in love with Garrick.

The story opens with Larissa a woman that just moved to New Hope PA and is preparing to open a new lingerie store just in time for the Christmas rush. Her landlord is Garrick a 200 year old vampire but she is unaware of this piece of information and has only spoken to him by telephone. The day before her grand opening, Garrick shows up just as she is trying on a sexy nighty that is from Paris and way out of her price range. She is embarrassed being caught in it and confused as to how he got in since the door was lock. He introduces himself to her and she is smitten right from the start and Garrick realizes he wants her for his own a crimson swan. But he will not take her he wants her to give herself willingly.

He then takes her on a tour of the town and tells her the areas to avoid. She questions him about these places since it is suppose to be a safe town, he just tells her a story about a ghost and does not let her in on the vampire secret yet. He has arrange for some friends to watch over her and he tells her that he has arranged for a college student named Jordan to help put with the store. Also that his friend Ramon will be the handyman for anything that needs to be fixed and he will be paying them for their work. Jordan is a human that is protected by the guild because her rich father pays for her protection making her off limits to all vampires. Ramon is a vampire that has the skills of a sorcerer and can cast spells.

Garrick and Ramon are not the only vampires that want Larissa, there are two other vampires that do not follow the rules out to take her as their own. Will Garrick get Larissa willingly before the others take her??? Will she become a swan, slave or a vampire herself??? This I will leave to you to find out for yourself.

I would love to read a follow up story on this book that tells more about the characters and lets you know how things played out. I could see that more could be told when I finished the book, not a cliff hanger but an opening to more to come.


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