Shadow Cursed By N.L. Hoffman Review

nicole2 kindle

Shadow Cursed
By N.L. Hoffman
4.5 stars

This is the second book in the series and it does not disappoint! The story line flows with the characters from book one Blood Slave and adds a couple new ones. A hot ass sexy werewolf detective named Trent Vinolva and a smartass cocky and US Marshall named Jaecy Noble. They are teamed up together to solve a killing or should I say mutilation of an ex mobster. We find out that Blake and Jacey are actually half sisters, having the same father Lucifer. Now there is a character that will make you laugh out loud! I wonder if he just had a crazy sense of humor or does he one foot in the insane asylum!
When Jacey and Trent first meet at the crime scene of a murder they really do not like one another and at times it is comedy to read the things that happen between them. At this crime scene Jacey hears what she thinks is a dog in the back part of the house, before Trent can stop her she is attacked by the very large wolf, but manages to get a couple of shots off and kills the wolf before she blacks out. After this attack things start changing within her body. She soon is informed that she is a supernatural being called a shadow. She does not take all of this very seriously and again gives us some laughs at her ways of thinking. Soon she realizes that it is not a joke and she needs answers that no one seems to want to give her.
She ends up meeting her half sister Blake and Blake’s friends where she is told a little more about what she is now and then to find out that Lucifer The King of Hell is her father! Now with the help of all her new supernatural friends, father and the council she is hot on the trail to find the killer of Martinez the mobster that was mutilated.
This series is a great read that I would recommend to all paranormal readers. It has twists, turns, humor, love and loyalty. I am really glad that I chose to review this one for a blog tour, I am looking forward to book three…. Because the story is not finished but I will not say how I know this. Find out for yourself and make sure to read book one Blood Slave then this book Shadow Cursed you will not be disappointed!



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