The Officer Next Door By Ranae Rose

Title:The Officer Next Door
Author: Ranae Rose
Rating: 5 Stars!


How can anyone resist temptation when it’s right next door?

Riley County North Carolina has a lot to offer: coastal views as far as the eye can see, and men in uniform who are even more gorgeous. Home to the most notorious prison in the state, Alicia’s new hometown is crawling with men who carry their own handcuffs and know how to use them – like Officer Liam Alexander, her one and only neighbor. After catching him out of uniform, she can’t resist pausing to enjoy the show. When Liam’s Southern charm drives him across the property line, life gets hotter than the Carolina summer could possibly account for. Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to life in the coastal haven, even with an officer next door.

Coordinating special events at a historic – and supposedly haunted – plantation is enough to have Alicia questioning her senses and her sanity, but the spirits of the past take a backseat to a pair of escaped convicts who blaze a trail of mayhem across Riley County. Not even the most intense chemistry can survive the perils that make a sunny seaside town a dangerous place to be after dark … can it?

Book 1 in the Lock and Key Series.

Book 2, Officer out of Uniform, coming soon!

Review 5

This is my first book to read by Ranae and will not be my last I am looking forward to the rest of the series she has planned for this story line! Ranae knows how to tell a story and keep you wanting more. From other reviews I now have the need to look into her other series Inked In The Steel City. I would compare Ranae’s writing style to Patricia Cornwell and her Scarpetta Series ( I love that series). I really liked how she brought in multiple genres, paranormal, romance and mystery. Yes there are ghosts in this story along with a couple of psychotic murdering brothers and romance.

This story takes place in North Carolina with plenty of southern charm and a ghost of a past guest of the Wisteria Plantation and even a resident alligator! Alicia is the new wedding coordinator at the Wisteria. Alicia moved to North Carolina from Washington DC for a change of pace and scenery. And she gets more of a scenery change than she anticipated in the form of one hot ass cop that lives next door Liam Alexander. Liam works at the Riley County correctional facility there in Riley and is part of a special forces team. Immediately there is strong chemistry between Alicia and Liam, but both are shy when it comes to starting up a conversation. But thanks to Alicia’s friend and co worker the ice is broken and then finally get to know one another.
This story has a little bit of everything in it, humor, suspense, mystery and romance! I ended up reading this book in one day, I just could not bring myself to put it down for more than a few minutes at a time! Over all this was an excellent story that I would recommend to anyone that loves a good romantic scary and funny story all wrapped up in one book. Ranae did an awesome job with this new series and I am looking forward to book two Officer out of Uniform and here more of the other characters story.


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