Gwyneth by J.M.Zuniga


synopsis purple fairy

When infatuation turns into obsession…no one is safe.

For the past few months, an admirer has been showering Gwyneth with unexpected gifts. At first, she is flattered, but when the gifts turn into more than just tokens of affection, she reaches out to the police. With Detective Aaron Tate leading the investigation and keeping a close eye on Gwyneth, she begins to feel safe and more relaxed—that is until things go from being creepy to downright dangerous. With her life in peril, Gwyneth becomes her own protector. However, will that be enough to keep her safe?

Review 5
This was my fist book to have read by J.M. Zuniga and now I am on the hunt for more of her stories! Gwyneth reminded me of Adam Kunz’s One Tiny Secret with all the twist and turns guessing who is it? I know it is …. No it is … no ugg will I ever figure it out! This is a mystery suspense story (which was always my favorite genre until I found Paranormal. Now I find myself hooked on both! ) that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat! I felt like I was eyes and ears for Gwyneth, telling her to look behind her, or listen do you hear that and mostly open your eyes girl do you knot see what is happening!? I was so into this book that I read it in one sitting! There was no way I was turning off my kindle till I was done. Thankfully it was not too long that it kept me up all night lol 2 am was not too bad.
The story line believable the characters where loveable what more could you want? I know a good mystery! And that is exactly what J.M. gives you. I found myself identifying the surroundings so much because it was about a real city and one that I am familiar with. I love how she referred to Fontana as Fontucky that make me laugh! That is exactly what the town is called by the locals. Makes you stop and think… wow could there really be a sicko like that here in my neck of the woods?? Could I know someone like that?? Maybe I better rely on my instincts a little more to be safe. That is how real this story felt.
I really liked the connection with the characters and the relationships they had. I loved the way Gwyneth and Detective Tate’s grew together, it gave the story more dimension and an opening to a whole new story! Gwyneth is one strong woman that is for sure, without that strength I do not know how she could have made it past her childhood… sad story there. But it helps to make this story even better.
Overall this is one of the best suspense thrillers I have ever read. From page one you will be on the edge of your seat and catching yourself holding your breath. I highly recommend this book to all mystery/suspense lovers this book will not disappoint you in any way.


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