Bund by Duty


Bound by Duty

By Stormy Smith

5 Stars!

I was contacted by Stormy and asked if I would like to read her debut novel and write a review. I checked out the synopsis and I knew it would be something I would like.

Stormy blew me away! The synopsis barley even touched on the story that was about to unfold! Bound by Duty is like I said Stormy’s first novel let me tell you she writes like a seasoned pro! I see this on going to the top quick!

I really liked all of the characters well except for the villains… they are hard to like lol! The characters have a bit of mystery to them, you know the kind where are they good? Or are they bad???  I like how the story takes place over a period of about two months and actually feels like that amount of time has gone by. But that you don’t have to read about every day in day out. She has the main character Amelia reflect back on a few days here and there to let you know what had happened with our it being all drawn out, it was refreshing to me to read a book written that way. Like most books you have some slower paced chapters and some fast past.. you know the kind where your heart is racing to keep up! I have come to really like it when the author writes this way, it gives you time to really soak things in and let them sink in. I did not want this story to end so I took my time and split it into two days of reading ( I am a fast reader and usually finish all my books in one day) but let me tell you it was not an easy thing to do! I did not want to put my kindle down for nothing!

In this story you have Amelia she is the main character , her older brother Cole , best friend Bethany, Micah ( Bethany’s boyfriend )  and Aiden a guy that Amelia is drawn to ( you will see just what I mean when you read the book). There are a few other character that you do not really see they are just spoken to or spoken of, Rynn Amelia’s childhood nanny and her father. And then there are the evil characters but they are always needed to have a great paranormal read!

Amelia and her brother are witches but Amelia is what they call an Elder and has no idea what she is capable of doing! She has been lied to her entire life but those that love her, not teaching her how to use her powers and keeping dark secrets from her. I have read reviews where people call her “whinny” I did not get that impression from her at all. And I myself hate a whinny heroine!   I loved watching her come into her powers and learn a little of what she is capable of. I can hardly wait to see her with full powers and control!

I love a good series where the story just keeps getting better and better and that is exactly where I see this one going.

Thank you Stormy for contacting me and asking me to read your book. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for book two! You have found a dedicated fan in me 🙂



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